We are so excited to finally offer an innovative enrichment program just for our homeschool community during the weekdays between the hours of 12 - 3:30pm! Our aim is to bring an interconnected wellness program that nurtures their mind, body and spirit. 

We offer 4 Special Aerial Classes!

1:00pm - 7:30pm








Lil Whirlwinds (5-7 Yrs old)

Our Lil' Whirlwinds are the amazing young aerialists of our Jr. Academy Program. These are children between the ages of 6 to 7.11 years old, who are ready to develop a strong foundation of fitness and air awareness as they enter a more focused exploration of aerial arts with us! At this age group, our Lil’ Whirlwinds program follows structured lesson plans that combines a full aerial curriculum intermixed with creative exploration, all in a non competitive nurturing environment. A unique pre-academy program of which is designed to create achievable goals on the trapeze and silks while helping them to discover life skills: confidence, focus, teamwork, respect, imagination, memory, discipline, and coordination. While there may be a spectrum of skill levels in this class, our team makes sure that each student can learn at their own pace that feels safe and comfortable. Our goal at Fly Studios is to have your child smiling big and bright in our classes!

Wind Climbers (8 - 17 Yrs)

A multiple level class for both beginner and intermediate students.  While this class focus on building a foundation of strength in our young aerialists, we will also explore a vocabulary of exciting moves on the silks and trapeze. At this level they will begin to experience their creative performer as they learn aerial combinations. They will also achieve amazing technical skills and academy goals. Wind Climbers begin to climb to new heights as a young artist and athlete!​ 

Family Fly Fun (Ages 4+) Special Workshop

Parents and kids alike can get their FLY experience at the same time! We wanted to create a class where parents don't just have to sit at the sidelines for once and can share in this incredibly bonding experience of helping one another to learn this spectacular art form. Imagine a class where a parent(s) and child(ren) can work together as a team to discover new ways of moving both on the ground and in the air! Families can warm up, stretch, and learn this amazing art form in a safe nurturing space!

We ask that the children are 4 years and above.  

Aerial Performance Workshop

Pre-sign ups coming soon for June Performance

We are so excited to offer a dedicated workshop to creating choreography, learning about musicality, creative performance skills, and working together as a team to build a performance number that will be performed  at the end of the academic year. This is a 10 week workshop that will end with an exciting in house showcase where we'll transform our studio to a full theatrical space! This is a commitment to the 7-10 weeks and there are no makeups for missed classes. 


Our Schedule Starting February 5, 2020:

Wednesdays | Thursdays 

1:00pm - 2:00pm      Ages 8 - 17 Yr Olds (NEW! Call now to reserve your spot)

2:15pm - 3:15pm      Ages 8 - 17 Yr Olds

Aerial Performance Workshop: TBD

Starts Early 2020 Summer Performance

Frequently asked questions

Steps To Enroll Your Child Into Our Homeschool Program

1. Register online for a free trial class and see if you and your child love it! 2. Contact your homeschool and request a certificate. 3. We ask for certificates to cover 3 FULL MONTHS of classes plus the annual membership fee. Ex: For our $135/month we will ask for the certificate to cover the 3 months for $405 If you need assistance for the monetary total please contact us at 4. Once we receive a copy of the official certificate via email, then you may request to begin scheduling. Then we will invoice your school and then place the amount as credit into your child’s account and contact you via email ready to schedule your child into their preferred class day and time! (Note: Inspire can take up to 4-6 weeks) 5. Once our certificate is received the classes must be scheduled within 90 days or will expire. Many of our homeschool families choose to pay for the classes out of pocket until the certificate arrives. However, we cannot reimburse accounts. 6. We can schedule classes only to the amount the certificate covers. Ex: 3 months of classes. Students will not be allowed to take unpaid classes. It is your responsibility to request additional certificates in a timely manner to avoid any class schedule disruptions.


AERIAL ACADEMY CLASSES: Ages 5 - 7 Yr Olds $100 For 4 Classes (1 Class A Week - Every 4 Weeks) $185 For 8 Classes ((2 Classes A Week - Every 4 Weeks) $30 Drop In Rate Ages 8 - 17 Yr Old $135 For 4 Classes (1 Class A Week - Every 4 Weeks) $250 For 8 Classes ((2 Classes A Week - Every 4 Weeks) $340 For 12 Classes ((3 Classes A Week - Every 4 Weeks) $37 Drop In Rate ____________________________________________ PERFORMANCE CLASSES: (Must be taking Fly academy classes) 7 Week Workshop )1 Class A Week) = $200.00 10 Week Workshop (1 Class A Week) = $287.00 Additional Costs: $65 Costume Fee (closer to the date of the performance)

What To Wear & Uniform

Girls Form-fitting leggings that cover the back of your knees. Shirts should be tight enough to stay put when you are upside down or long enough to tuck in. A leotard or unitard is also a good choice. Hair needs to be up and off your face. bare feet, no shoes or socks are needed for aerial classes.
Shorts and t-shirts are suitable for boys. Hair needs to be up and off your face. are feet, no shoes or socks are needed for aerial training.
ABSOLUTELY NO JEWELRY, ZIPPERS or BELTS Uniform When you purchase a membership package and officially become a Fly member, you will receive a Fly Uniform T shirt that you will be asked to wear to each of your Fly classes. Students will be placing their star patches onto their uniform T shirts as they reach aerial milestones! We will give your child one T-shirt but you are very welcome to purchase an additional Uniform T shirt for $15 (+tax) at the front desk.

Enrollment Policies

- You will be asked to ask for 3 months of autopay funds at one time. These will cover only the amount of classes for 3 months. - Regardless of autopay payment method, even if you have an enrichment certificate to cover your child's classes, we require a valid credit or debit card on file at all times. - You will also be responsible to get additional funds in a timely manner. If there are late payments we will ask the parent to cover the classes until we receive funds (using the credit card on file) or we will ask there will be a lapse in class reservations. - Fly Studios uses a set scheduling system. Your child’s classes are on the same day each week - Classes must be reserved in advance. Drop-ins are not guaranteed a spot in class and may be turned away if class is full. - Your child is automatically enrolled for a school year (Fall to Spring) until a written cancellation is received and confirmed. - Siblings not enrolled in class are not allowed on the mat at any time.

Makeup Policy

- To qualify for a makeup class, we require notice of an anticipated absence at least 4 hours prior to the start of your child’s class time to allow other students an opportunity to sign up for that class. You can call or text 1 (800) 257-9498 or email to cancel a class. - Makeups must be scheduled within 5 weeks of the missed class. Makeups not scheduled within this time frame are lost. Please note that you do not accumulate make ups past the 5 weeks. - Makeups are not guaranteed as they are based on availability only. - Scheduled make up classes that are missed without notification are lost. - Makeups must be made on a different day of their regular attended class. - No more than 2 makeups are allowed per billing cycle

Sick Policy

Please keep your child home if they show any signs of illness or contagiousness such as fever, coughing, sneezing/runny nose, rashes, warts, or fungal infections. For the health of our other students and our coaches, any child who comes to class showing any signs of the above will be sent home. Normal make up policies apply for these cases.


We ask our parents to park in the back parking lot (off of Guadalupe Ave) or on the street parking behing the building. There are parking spots on Pacific Coast Highway in front of the building, we just ask that you drop off your child in the back and then find parking in the front. Pick ups are only allowed in the back of the building for safety reasons.

Our Studio Vision & Philosophy

"My phenomenal fly team and I share a common vision. A vision of a world where expression of the arts are shared, diverse cultures are celebrated, dreaming big is essential, possibilities are endless, and where learning to fly can be safe and fun! We understand that we may not be able to always protect our students from the world outside of our studio, but we can start by building a safe creative space within our four walls. Aerial arts is a spectacular art form and more importantly, it's a powerful way to ignite our students with self esteem, respect, courage, and LOVE. I truly believe that if we nurture and empower our students, they will continue to spread this message of strength and mindfulness and will inevitably create a better world for all." - Michelle Bolong (Owner & Artistic Director Fly Studios Purpose For Existing: To Teach Every One Of Our Students How To Be Courageous & Fly Towards Their Dreams! Fly Studios Big Five Commitment: To Our Kids : We Empower You! To Our Parents & Families: We Hear You! To Our Staff: We Support You! To Our Community: We Serve You! To Our World: We Respect You!

Current Schools We Are Vendors For?

We are currently an approved vendor for the following schools: Inspire Charter Schools I-LEAD Schools Valiant Prep (COMING SOON!) Sage Oak (COMING SOON!) Don't see your school? EMAIL INFO@FLYSTUDIOS.COM We will do our best to become a vendor for you as soon as possible!

Why Our Space Is Special!

*Small class sizes (5:1, max of 10 students in class). * State of the art studio. -We have a clean, beautiful 2000 sqft space with an open floor plan -Our space has a 5 layered sprung floor that's kind on our student's growing joints! -We maintain a high level of sanitation at our studio including daily wiping down all of our equipment with non toxic cleaning solutions that are still safe for our children. * All instructors are background checked, CPR & First Aid Certified. * All instructors have weekly trainings to maximize safety skills. * Innovative and creative curriculum designed by both professional aerialists and childhood development teachers. * We have a non-competitive teaching environment.

The Patch System

Fly Studios prides itself on being an extremely safe, positive, non competitive and fun environment. Colorful fun star patches mark key moves in their specific level. The patches allow our students to learn at their own comfortable pace by creating smaller goals for them to achieve. Each patch will decorate their uniform sleeve to celebrate their accomplishment and mark a great milestone.

Our homeschool program will be closed for the following dates:

Thursday, Oct 31, 2019 - Halloween Monday, Nov. 25- Sunday, Nov 30, 2019 Thanksgiving Break Camps Saturday & Sunday, December 14 & 15, 2019 No Classes For Show Weekend Sunday, Dec. 23- Sunday, Jan. 5, 2019 Winter Break (Winter Break Camps and Private Parties available) Monday April 4 - 8, 2020 Spring Break Camps Sunday, April 12, 2020 Easter Day Monday, May 25, 2020 Memorial Day

Benefits of our program!

Benefits: -Introduce them to gravity awareness through fun aerial apparatuses -Increase their Body Awareness, balance, listening skills, increase movement vocabulary -Discover ways to explore their self expression. -Developing friendships and teamwork -Learning life skills integrated into their program -and of course TO HAVE FUN!

Weekly Themes!

Each week, our academic curriculum is combined with different weekly skill themes and important life skills (respect, focus, etc). Our vision is to make our kids well rounded and their achievements at Fly Studios will translate into all areas of their life as well!