Summer Camps

& Classes 2019

Register for either camps weekly, daily or in sessions throughout the summer!

Session 1: June 25th - July 27th (5 weeks)

Session 2: July 30th - Aug 24th (4 weeks)

 Ages 5 - 12 Years Old

Traveling Aerial Circus Fly Camps


Beginners and experienced aerialists welcome! Each summer our Fly camps becomes a 'traveling aerial circus!' Each session will imaginary travel to a chosen country where it's music and culture will inspire our performance exploration!

So in the midst of learning the spectacular world of aerial arts our campers will also feel the pulse of cultural discovery. One week our campers might be tumbling with the taiko drumming of Japan, another week they could be moving to the samba pulse of Brazil, or climbing with the tribal beats of African drumming, or even swinging through the exotic rain forests of Costa Rica! All of their cultural exploration will fuel and inspire their end of the week performance! Fly camps are extremely special because on the last day of our weekly camps we will have a fun celebration where our campers can invite friends and family onto the mat and they can take photos of moves they learned at camp!  The celebration will be at 2:30pm that Friday!  All are invited to attend. So bring your camera and get ready to see your them fly!


Fun Warm ups * Obstacle Courses * Tumbling and Basic Acrobatics * Aerial on the Silks / Trapeze *Flexibility & Stretching * Hula Hooping * Arts and Craft * Costume and Prop preparation for their performance * Performing * and much much MORE!


Weekly Tuition Mon - Fri: $475 ($95/day)

(Session 2: $380 shorter camp due to July 4th as a closed holiday)

Single Day Pass for Mon-Friday: $120 per camp day. 


All Camps are full day from 9:00am - 3:00pm.

Camp Details on Drop Offs, Lunch, & More Click HERE!

Register Online For Week Long Camps (5 day packages):

June 24 - 28

July 1 - 3 & 5 

July 8 - 12

July 15 - 19 

July 22 - 26

July 29- Aug 2

Aug 5 -  9

Aug 12 - 16

Aug 19  - 23

Aug 26 - 30

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Session 2: 

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Session 10: 


9:00am - 3pm 

9:00am - 3pm 

9:00am - 3pm 

9:00am - 3pm 

9:00am - 3pm 

9:00am - 3pm 

9:00am - 3pm 

9:00am - 3pm 

9:00am - 3pm 

9:00am - 3pm

Camp Capacity

Changes Daily, So If You're Camp Is At Capacity Online Please Call Us Or Email Us At for Availability! 

Register Online For A Single Day Pass (Available for Mon - Fri ). Please note that you will have to receive a confirmation from Fly Studios. We suggest signing up 48 hours before a camp date.  PLEASE NOTE SESSION 10 is at capacity!

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 Ages 5 - 7 & 8 - 17 Years Old

Academy Summer Classes


Current Fly members in our jr. academy/academy yearly program, or students who would like to take an introductory class into becoming a possible member in the Fall.



These classes are open to current academy members who are returning in the Fall 2017, AND to new members who are hoping to continue to during the school year. Classes will focus on the curriculum and forms of each level, and our students will be able to continue to work on their technique and be evaluated on their patches to push forward on their learning. We will be offering only one academy class a day for a specific level. Makeups are only available if they can be scheduled within the summer, and cannot rollover into the Fall sessions.

Classes Start June 23rd - August 30th

Tuesdays & Thursdays

4:00pm - 5:00pm   Academy Prep & Level 1 (New Students Welcome In This Class) (8 - 17 yrs old)

5:15pm - 6:15pm   Academy All Levels!


9:00am - 10:00am  Lil Whirlwinds (New Students Welcome In This Class) (5 - 7 yrs old)

10:15am - 11:15am   Academy Prep & Level 1 (New Students Welcome In This Class) (8 - 17 yrs old)

Class Card System: 

New Trial Students Can Have A Free Trial Class! 

Academy All Level Classes (8 - 17yrs)

– $167 for 5 Class Card ($33.40 per class)

– $279 for 9 Class Card ($31 per class)

– $37 Drop In Single Class

Lil’ Whirlwinds (5 - 7yrs )

– $72 for 3 Class Card ($24 per class)

– $117 for 5 Class Card ($23.40 per class)

– $30 Drop In Single Class

(All Classes Expire as of August 30th, makeups must be made during the summer classes)


 Ages 4 - Adults

Summer Special Rates for Aerial Private Lessons



Most of our academy students take the first part of the Fall trying to get their strength and skill back from a long summer hiatus. Why not take advantage of the Summer breaks as a great way to focus on getting ahead for the Fall curriculum, learning challenging moves, evaluating for a patch, or just having special one on one attention with a fly coach to learn that special move. For beginners, this is a great way to truly immerse yourself in aerial for the first time by having hands on training! We are offering our academy students  a special private discount either as a single session or discounted session rates. Each session is 5 weeks with one private a week.


Times available:

Saturdays and Sundays...Email us to coordinate best times! 

Wednesdays 3:30-5:30pm

Fridays 4:30-7:30pm

Special Summer Rates:

One on One Single Session:

30 min private: $45 

1 hour private: $90 


One on One 5 week session (save $25 if you book for the entire 5 week session):

30 min private 1 x week (5 week session) : $200 ($40 per session)

1 hour private 1 x week ( 5 week session): $425 ($85 per session)


Semi Private Single Session:

30 min private: $25 per person

1 hour private: $50 per person


Semi Private 5 week session (save $25 if you book for the entire 5 week session):

30 min private 1 x week (5 week session) : $100 ($20 each person per session)

1 hour private 1 x week ( 5 week session): $225 ($85 each person per session)


Group Rate (3-5 people)

$200 - Single 1 hour session


Special Family Rate (Up to 5 people)

$180 - Single 1 hour session


Summer Registration Form

The easiest way to enroll your child into a summer camp or session is to click the buttons above and enroll them online! 

If you have any questions, please feel free to submit this contact form and a member of our Fly team will reach back to you shortly!