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Ages 2.5 yrs - 5 yrs Old

We are now offering a two hour drop off independent class for your little ones!

Our Specialized Drop Off Program


  • We have a clean, beautiful 2000 sqft space with an open floor plan used exclusively for our morning drop off program.

  • Our space has been designed for ultimate safety including: a sprung foam floor, baby gates to surround the entire space, 8" thick mats under all of our fun activities.

  • We will invite our kids into a new sensory learning activity every 15 minutes to keep our students engaged and having fun within a class that still has routine and structure.

  • Classes are created FOR OUR STUDENTS. We understand that each child is uniquely different and while we will always invite and guide the child to join our activities, if they should choose to stay engaged with one activity we will follow their lead. It’s important to us to allow our students to explore at their pace of wonder!

  • Our 1 – 6 teacher to child ratio builds nurturing and trusting relationships with adults other than the immediate caregiver.

  • A great class for children to create trusting bonds with teachers as they transition to Preschool or other longer drop off programs.

  • We believe in celebrating diverse cultures and will integrate different cultures and languages in our songs and activities.

  • We maintain a high level of sanitation at our studio including daily wiping down all of our equipment with non toxic cleaning solutions that are still safe for our little ones.

  • Our curriculum has been carefully created to fulfill age specific gross and fine motor skill milestones by an early childhood educator specialist. Our classes are designed to include sensory play to heighten all of their senses:

Sight - Our Visual System

Body Awareness - Our 

Proprioceptive System

Taste - Our Gustatory System

Balance - Our Vestibular System

Smell - Our Olfactory System

Touch - Our Tactile System

Hearing - Our Auditory System

What Happens In A TruRize Adventure Class?

  • We have fun weekly themes that also fit under a monthly theme.

  • Our movement props are changed up weekly to offer a new exciting element for our students. 

  • A class can include: 

    • Exploration Fun! (Letting our kids discover the space as we wait for our friends to arrive)

    • Open Circle Time (Theme introductions and songs)  

    • Fine Motor Skill Activities 

    • Gross Motor Skills (Full body movement exploration through guided obstacle courses and games)

    • Fly Fun (Learning balance by hanging, swinging and swaying on our apparatuses)

    • Snack Time!

    • Sensory Play Time stations that build playfulness, problem solving skills, social interactions and more discovery.

    • Rhythm & Music (Making music with drums and other instruments)

    • Closing Circle (Reflection and Gratitude)

TruRize Adventures Schedule

Due to class capacity size, pre-registration is required.

TruRize Adventures Tuition

January 23 - June 23

(Summer break July and August)

(2.5 yrs - 5 yrs)

2 Hour Long Classes

Starts Jan 23rd, $50 off your first month if you

enroll your child after their first class!

1 Day A Week

2 Days A Week

1 Day A Week

3 Days A Week

Drop offs/Class Cards

$150 / month

($37.50 per class)

$280 / month

($35 per class)

$395 / month

($33 per class)

Daily Drop In: $45
10 Pack: $430

*Expires in 6 months of purchase date.

Sibling Discounts

2 Children Enrolled : 10% off your second child's autopay package.

3+ Children Enrolled: 20% off your second and third child's autopay package.

Membership Terms

* Pricing is based on 4 week months or 28 days.

* Autopay contracts are a 2 month minimum commitment with a required 14 day written cancellation.
* Missed classes can be made up as long as you have an active membership.
* We require a 4-hour cancellation notice prior to your child’s scheduled class or student will not be able to make up that class.
* Refunds are not available for illness, vacations, or if you do not cancel your membership timely.


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We are offering a FREE TRIAL CLASS for new visitors for all classes starting Jan 23, 2018, but you can reserve your spot today!